Sea Shepherd fights to defend, conserve, and protect our seas and oceans.

Sea Shepherd does what international authorities cannot … or do not want to do.

We, at RCE, are proud to support their action.

When the laws that exist to protect the oceans are not enforced, Sea Shepherd engages in direct action campaigns,
high-seas patrols, and collaborates with authorities to combat illegal fishing.

Sea Shepherd is a direct-action ocean conservation NGO whose mission is to defend, conserve, and protect the oceans from illegal exploitation and environmental destruction.
Acting like the lungs of our planet, the ocean is a vital part of our global ecosystem.
It is home to millions of species, from the smallest (0.02 microns for plankton) to the largest animals on our planet (33 meters long for the blue whale).
Unfortunately, our oceans and their populations suffer from overfishing and ecosystem destruction.
Poachers plunder marine sanctuaries with impunity; illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing escapes control, and millions of animals are killed accidentally. Moreover, international and national laws that protect the world’s oceans are difficult to enforce. It is in this context that Sea Shepherd intervenes.

“Our passionate volunteers participate in campaigns that really matter: on our ships and directly intervening. You can see us as the largest independent marine fleet on the planet, with the sole objective of protecting the oceans.
Whenever we can, we work closely with governments and law enforcement. Whether relentlessly pursuing poaching vessels wanted by INTERPOL or collaborating with various countries to combat illegal fishing in their territorial waters. But make no mistake, when no one else shows up, we will raise the Jolly Roger flag and sail into uncharted waters to defend, conserve, and protect.