Recensione Techart LM-EA7 Mount Adapter LEICA M / SONY E-MOUNT Usato

The Sony Techart LM-EA7 mounting adapter is designed to connect Leica M lenses with Sony E-Mount cameras. This high-quality adapter provides unprecedented compatibility and wide flexibility in the use of different lenses.

The Techart LM-EA7 adapter boasts a quick autofocus function, giving old Leica M lenses a new lease of life. It features a slim and stylish design, a sturdy metal mount for increased durability, and excellent weight management. Remember, the adapter only supports aperture and manual shooting modes.

This adapter is perfect for professional photographers who want to combine the quality of Leica M lenses with the versatility and convenience of Sony E-Mount cameras. Ideal for usage scenarios such as portrait, landscape, or street photography, as it allows you to fully exploit the creative potential of both elements.

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