Recensione Sigma MC-21 Mount Converter CANON EF / L-MOUNT Usato

The Sigma MC-21 mount converter is a high-quality technological product designed for effective transitions between Canon EF lenses and the Leica L-Mount. This impeccably built adapter offers excellent versatility, ensuring maximum compatibility with a wide range of lenses.

Characterised by a sturdy and reliable design with triple LED finish, the Sigma MC-21 promises brilliant performance. Its excellent build quality is highlighted by a robust and weather-resistant magnesium shell. Additionally, it offers aberration correction features and a fast and accurate autofocus.

The Sigma MC-21 is the ideal accessory for professional photographers using a combination of Canon EF and Leica L-Mount cameras. Perfect for in-studio and outdoor photography sessions, it fully leverages the potential of various lenses, expanding creative possibilities.

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