Recensione MTO-500A 550mm f/8.5 Usato

The MTO-500A 550mm f/8.5 is a high quality lens from the Varie brand. It is a product of extraordinary finesse designed for photography enthusiasts seeking professional results.

With a focal length of 550mm and an aperture of f/8.5, it provides ultra sharp images. It is characterized by a solid and robust construction that ensures consistent performance over time. Noteworthy are the multi-layer lenses, which reduce unwanted reflections.

This lens is ideal for wildlife and sports photography. Thanks to its remarkable focal length, it allows capturing precise details even at great distances, making it an excellent tool for fans of wildlife or sports event photography from off-field.

At the moment MTO-500A 550mm f/8.5 it is not available in RCE stores.
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