Recensione Fujifilm X100s Usato

The Fujifilm X100S is a compact APS-C camera now out of production and produced only in the years of 2013 and 2014. This is a device with a high build quality and whose Purpose is to ensure the photographer a very silent, very light car and to always carry with him. It is not surprising that many photojournalists use it as a working partner as it is discreet and has a fixed perspective that ensures sharp images excellent. The perspective is a 3 mm equivalent with an ISO range ranging from 100 to 25600 and 16.3 megapixel resolution for photos. At high ISO he manages to maintain little noise, a fundamental aspect for photographers who work in poor lighting conditions. The multiscatto is about 6 frames per second without stabilization, the latter, however, is not necessarily a problem as it increases the lightness of the machine which, consequently, is handled with much more firmness. Being small in size it has buttons and ring nuts in a concentrated space, not comfortable for those with large hands. It is not present nor wifi nor GPS, two not fundamental aspects for a large number of photographers. It allows you to shoot in JPEG and RAW format. The built -in internal flash that covers 9 meters is also excellent. One of the most loved aspects of this model is that it is a real tank, it consists of an external structure so resistant and strong that it makes a sigh of relief to all those unfortunate professionals or used to working in great condition Discomfort like landscape drivers, even by purchasing it used, you have the safety of excellent functioning. The autofocus is quick but the most interesting aspect is that the photographer has the possibility to choose the way he prefers between traditional style focus and that teleobietivometer style. In portraiture many are to signal a patinated effect on the texture of the skin and this makes the final shots vintage or in any case with a fairly very pleasant retro effect. The fixed focal length corresponds to an equivalent 35 mm, perfect in any context and which is very versatile. The purchase of a Fujifilm X100S used is recommended for all those photographers who do not need tropicalization, nor of an adjustable LCD or touchscreen but which want only a device capable of bringing home great -level images and that are not helped by the system itself. In some ways, this is a car that teaches to photograph because the focal length pushes the photographer to better use the environment in which he finds himself, to weigh on the composition and to check the various parameters to bring home a good result.

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