Recensione Canon EF 70-200mm f/4 L USM Usato

The canon 70-200 F4 l is usm, released in 2006 and in production until 2018, is still one of the most used and appreciated lenses by professional photographers. The dimensions of this zoom telephoto lens of the series l of Canon are compact : the length is 172 mm and the diameter of 72 mm. The weight is 760 grams, light enough considering the type of lens. The perspective of the canon 70-200 F4 l is of great quality. lenses are made in fluorite and UD glass (ultrabassa dispersion glass), in order to greatly decrease the aberrations of the secondary colors and return Thus bright images, with high contrast and without color distortions on the entire zoom interval, including the edges. Compared to the performance, the sale price of a second second hand, is really convenient. Among other things, in this telephoto lens proposed by the Japanese house, we find an excellent integrated 4 -stop stabilizer, which allows you to create sharp shots even with little lighting, without increasing the ISO sensitivity too much. On the market there are several lenses Canon 70-200, but this is equipped with some particularities starting from its terminology. First of all, the acronym EF stands for Electronic Focus and means that it is a canon lens suitable for both full frame and sensors aps-c. The wording f/4 reports the minimum opening of the diaphragm and the possibility that it can be held throughout the focal excursion. The letter l means "" luxury "" and serves to indicate exclusively optics of high professional quality, which are characterized by the light gray body and the red strip along the circumference . Finally, the writing is indicates that the lens is equipped with image stabilizer, i.e. a technology capable of reducing the vibrations of the camera, consequently eleminating the micro-man effect, while The abbreviation usm is for ultrasonic motor, and means that the lens mounts extremely precise and silent focus engines. In summary, the main technical characteristics of the canon 70-200 F4 are the focal range of 70-200 mm, the maximum opening A F4 with all the focals, and the minimum opening at F32. The diaphragm is a 8 circular slats and the Optics presents 20 elements divided into 15 groups; The minimum distance of mass on fire is instead of 1.2 meters. finally, the body is tropicalized and therefore allows to use the lens safely even when it rains, it snows or there is wind. The canon 70-200 F4 l is usm is a very beautiful lens well built also from an aesthetic point of view: metal building, immediately gives the idea of ​​being a lot robust. Furthermore, the perspective is easily handled also because the model is equipped with internal focus: the focus does not change the length of the lens, because it takes place inside it. The controls of focus and those of the focal movement, have a nice coating in zigrinated rubber and are quick and precise. On the body of the lens are then 4 keys in shooting: the limiter of the focus distance, the button of the Autofocus/Manualfocus mode, the button to turn on/off the stabilizer and the Establish Mode 1 and 2 (Normally Mode 1 is used for the resumption of fixed subjects, while Mode 2 for those in motion). As for the performance, The telephoto lens canon 70-200 F4 l is usm offers fantastic zooms on the entire range of focal tree. Also on the sharpness of the shots, we are at the top of the range with vineyards, chromatic aberrations and never significant optical distortions.

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