Recensione Canon 7D Mark II Usato

The canon 7D Mark II is a camera with APS-C 20.2 megapixels sensor and is currently out of production as they stopped producing it in 2021 after 7 years of service. It is a noteworthy product but which can be used for non -professional purposes, from its best with naturalistic shots, however it is necessary to buy lenses suitable for this kind of photography. The sensitivity range ranges from 100 to 51200 ISO . Compared to higher level cameras it should be noted that at high ISO it is easy to obtain more noise than expected, however in post production it is easily removable so it does not appear to be a real impediment to obtain noteworthy shots. The multiscatto allows you to make up to 10 fps for 31 photos in RAW and 130 format in JPEG format useful in all kinds of situation but not perfect for photos to rapid movement subjects. The AF system is particularly powerful, it is able to focus on the subject, even on the move, in no time and with an accuracy worthy of the upper end rivals. The camera has a weight of little less than the kilo, in line with the products of the same category; It turns out to be very comfortable, moreover the ergonomic sockets provide unique comfort throughout the time in which the camera is used. Among the APS-C devices, among the best ones, even if over the years it has been overcome in performance by new models and with important additions that facilitate its use such as the touch screen and the presence of Wi-Fi. Although it is out of production , it is still possible to find it in the used version. This condition does not imply malfunctions or defects, on the contrary, the used cameras are carefully controlled and certified by a staff of professionals before being put on sale again. The incorporated flash in the machine body has a discreet power, it manages to be effective up to 13 meters which is not to be underestimated, moreover, in the event that it should not be enough for your purposes you can easily mount An external flash on the appropriate accommodation. The video mode can turn with a Full HD definition up to 60 fps which makes it a handyman suitable for different situations. Those who decide to buy a camera like the Canon 7D Mark II must be well aware of what is preparing to obtain, if you are looking for a professional machine then this is not suitable, however it is an excellent compromise with an enviable quality/price ratio.

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