Recensione Canon 1DX Mark II Usato

The Canon 1DX Mark II camera is a professional model built to meet the specific needs of every photographer; it is a reflex camera with FF sensor and has a resolution of 20.2 megapixels, a decidedly high value and capable of surprising results. The camera manages to shoot 14 frames in just one second and has a sensitivity of 50-409600 ISO; supports JPEG and RAW formats. The Canon 1DX Mark II is compatible with numerous lenses with no less surprising characteristics in terms of quality: examples include the Canon EF-8 15mm Fisheye, the Zeiss Milvus 18mm, the Canon EF 24mm and the incredible Zeiss Otus 28 mm among the wide angle lenses. The camera can mount numerous other products, including telephoto lenses, super-zoom lenses and cheaper standard products from many brands. In this sense, the Canon 1DX Mark II could be the definitive camera for many enthusiasts, as well as a highly effective product for professionals. The photographs taken with this camera are simply exceptional; the images surpass reality itself, they enhance it as if the shots were always taken in ideal conditions. Even the colors have perfect shades and reflections, never too bright or blurry; even the reproduction of what is in motion occurs in an incredibly natural and precise way. Ideal for: this camera is an excellent professional product, especially considering the considerable possibility of interfacing with many lens models with different characteristics.

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