NISI Set 3 Filtri 52mm UV - C-PL - ND 1000


    HUC UV PRO Nano CU+UV365 / HUC CP-L PRO Nano / HUC IR ND 1000 PRO Nano 10 STOP

    Perfect, like new

    Complete with semi-rigid / rigid case

    6 month warranty

    Price: 100 Euro

    Available at: - Via Nino Bixio, 24, La Spezia, SP, Italia

    You can buy with pickup at the store or with insured BRT shipping by paying by bank transfer or Credit Card.
    For information – reservations – purchases contact us at the store via email (in English).

     phone. 0187257050

    We purchase your second-hand material for new or used or even without other purchase: contact us by email!

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