Recensione Zeiss Sonnar 135 mm ZF.2 Usato

The Zeiss Sonnar 135mm ZF.2 is a privileged lens for the Nikon camera and compatible models, known for its exceptional depth of field and speed. Produced by Zeiss, a leader in the field of photography, it offers high quality images.

Technical characteristics include: a focal length of 135mm, a maximum aperture of f/2, and a Nikon F mount. The lens has a construction with 11 elements in 8 groups, an diaphragm scale from f/2 to f/22, and offers manual focusing. Inside, it boasts an aspherical lens structure designed to reduce aberrations.

The Zeiss Sonnar 135mm ZF.2 is ideal for photographers looking for a fast lens for portraits, landscapes or photography styles in low light conditions. Its wide aperture and long focal length make the lens perfect for isolating subjects from the background, while its robust design is suitable for field use.

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