Recensione Walimex Pro 24mm f/3.5 ED AS UMC Usato

The Walimex Pro 24mm f/3.5 ED AS UMC for Canon and compatible is a high-quality lens, designed to provide outstanding performance. It is ideal for landscape and architecture photography.

It enjoys an f/3.5 peninsula and is equipped with ED AS UMC technology to minimize chromatic aberrations. Its fixed focal length of 24mm provides a wide field of view, and the body design of the lens offers convenient handling. It has a high magnification ratio of 1:2.5, allowing considerable versatility for close-up shots.

This lens is perfect for photographers who love exploring architecture and landscape. Thanks to its sharpness, it is able to reveal minute details of architectural structures or natural landscape. It is the ideal accessory for cityscape photography or outdoor panoramas, allowing photographers to capture wide scenes with extraordinary details.

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