Recensione Samyang 500mm f/8 Usato

The Samyang 500mm f/8 is a high-quality long-distance lens produced by Samyang, a leader in the photography industry. It is designed to provide extraordinarily sharp images with excellent detail and contrast.

This lens features a focal length of 500mm, a maximum aperture of f/8, and a minimum focusing distance of 10ft. It is made with 4 elements in 1 group and MC multilayer coating. It has a field of view angle of 5 degrees and supports the full frame image format.

Ideal for wildlife or sports photography enthusiasts, the Samyang 500mm f/8 allows to capture distant subjects with incredible precision. It is also perfect for astrophotographers who want to capture the night sky in detail. Thanks to its long-distance focus ability, it is perfect for making portraits from a distance without disturbing the subject.

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