Recensione Nikon D7200 Usato

Wanting to summarize an opinion on the Nikon D7200, we can say that it is a real link between full frame and small format cameras. But let's find out in detail. First of all, it presents itself with a very pleasant design, thanks to the magnesium alloy structure and the leather inserts. The construction material ensures lightness and resistance to atmospheric agents and at the same time it is possible to hold it perfectly thanks to the ergonomic handle, allowing easy reach of the function keys. From this point of view, the Nikon D7200 is more suitable for those with small fingers while those with large hands may have some difficulty handling it. On the sides of the camera body it is possible to find, hidden by special masks, the USB and mini HDI sockets which allow you to connect accessory devices or perform a pairing to the telephoto lens. The 24.2 megapixel sensor allows you to take shots characterized by notable image sharpness, despite setting a fairly high ISO. The Autofocus system, with 51 cross points, works very well even when shooting on the move. The continuous shooting function is excellent, making it ideal for taking photos during sporting or nature events with moving wildlife. The 7.5 cm LCD screen is not adjustable and is not a touch screen but leaves more space for the function keys. The battery life is excellent and with a single charge it ensures approximately 1100 shots.

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