Recensione Leica Summar 5cm f/2 Usato

The Leica Summar 5cm F/2 is a standard lens that combines the cameras of the Leica M series in Fullframe or APS-C formats. The device allows you to focus on the images manually and mounts 6 lenses divided into 4 optical groups. Although its price is particularly low and equal to about 200 euros, this component shows professional characteristics, the result of the use of the best materials available at the time of its manufacture. The Leica Summar 5cm F/2 is a vintage lens able to amaze, not only for its constructive quality, but also for the exceptional compatibility. In fact, this accessory can be mounted on the most recent machines by showing off a contrast and a brightness from the first of the class; In particular, the photos on the backlight return a brilliance of the details that cannot be obtained using alternatives with such low cost. The Leica Summar 5cm f/2 performs very clear shots in the center of the lens, which become more blurred by moving gradually towards the edges; However, the result must not worry, as they are small differences that do not compromise the quality of the images in any way. Ideal for: it is difficult to establish who the lucky owners of this lens must be. Probably, making a value for money, we can say that every lover of photography should make sure to have it: it's worth it.

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