Recensione Canon 5Ds Usato

The Canon 5DS is a reflex camera that ensures high quality shots thanks to a quick automatic focus and sensational sharpness of the full frame sensor that exceeds 50 megapixels. Through the sights to total coverage, three recovery methods with cutout factor are visible; The shutter speed allows up to 5 photos per second, all with a maximum level of image. The double processor allows quick processing of the shot; The camera has a high power even in the presence of very large files. The Canon 5ds triggers in a silent way and has made excellent graphics even in not very bright areas, is in fact capable of constant and precise exposures in the presence of low brightness or with fluorescent light. The focus technology has a system of 61 car points, of these 41 are cross; The selection of the AF point allows a more precise focus if you should choose to photograph a specific section. The focus also identifies faces and colors within the frame, guaranteeing quality shots even in the moving scenes: the main subject will not be compromised. Ideal for: Canon 5DS is ideal for advanced professional photographers; Its resistant structure is able to shoot in any atmospheric condition.

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