Recensione Canon 5D Mark III Usato

A product aimed mainly at professional photographers: this is how to define the Canon 5D Mark III, a truly interesting camera not only for its functionality but also for its aesthetic improvement. Let's start from this last point. The lines are improved and much more delicate than previous models. It has several buttons that perform a dual function, an element that could cause some difficulty in the initial stages of use. Among the various keys, we highlight the one marked with the letter "Q" which indicates the summary of the shooting settings. The focusing is excellent and, in addition to being really precise, it is above all very fast. The Autofocus function is available in the menu which will allow the user to indulge himself as he sees fit. The quality of the images does not fear comparison with higher level machines even if the photos, ready to be printed, have a decidedly high weight. On this point, even if the quality of the shots is really high, the detail may suffer from imperfections if the ISO is not raised to at least 3200. The image quality also translates into exceptional video quality. While recording a movie you can use all the camera functions and have perfect stereo sound. Thanks to all these features it can be considered a complete and ideal product for professional photographers.

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