Recensione Canon 500D Usato

The Canon 500D is a particularly complete entry level digital SLR camera. The sensor, although not equipped with a high number of megapixels, still has a good resolution; the quantity of shots per second is not high but its processor allows fast and clear processing of the image taken. The resolution and ISO sensitivity are excellent, the monitor and video modes are excellent, even Live View shooting with face recognition is effective and high-performance. Shooting is limited by the capacity of the memory card, however it is possible to shoot without a card and record images directly to a computer. The Canon 500D has good autonomy both in reproduction and shooting, its dimensions are small and for this reason it is practical and easy to handle, furthermore it is light and can be taken anywhere, it is perfect for simple but effective shots; the intuitive menu is clear and understandable even for a beginner photographer. The focus has a single central cross point, but alone it is able to make the most of the brightness in order to ensure a good photograph that takes every detail into account; The exposure adjustment is automatic, furthermore the brightness and contrast are mechanically optimized even after shooting. Best for: Canon 500D is ideal for novice amateur photographers; the results are very positive and ensure a clear and satisfying shot; the image quality is assured and the methods of use are extremely clear.

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